Are you a travel agency?

Or maybe a consolidator?

Buried with daily manual tasks?

We have the solution that will automate your work

That automates your daily tasks

Which will save your time

and generate more profit.

The travel technology company

Who We Are

Traveknowledgy is the company with great knowledge when it comes to travel and technology. We love getting to know travel related systems and make them talk to each other, with some help from technology of course. Once we understand the logic of your daily workflow, we can get your systems to talk, which will automate your processes and get your staff working on more creative and proactive tasks. Time will be saved, profit will be boosted and your clients will be even more satisfied with the service that your company provides them with. So unleash your creativity and enjoy benefits of the robotics working for you exactly the way you tell them to.


For travel agency

If you liked playing with Lego® blocks when you were little, you will love playing with our automation solutions now when you got a bit older. We provide you with tools where the unique processes that you automate are only limited by pretty much your imagination. Handling things like airline queues, diverse client notifications, fare optimizations and issuing of tickets becomes a fun-to-monitor process instead of a demanding and monotonous routine task. By simply dragging, dropping and interconnecting blocks with conditions and actions, you design your own workflow chart. The best part is that the chart is not only a great tool to visualize your process but it’s also alive; as soon as you activate it, all these conditions and actions start communicating with each other and systems that are behind them, creating the much appreciated automation.

For consolidator

Dealing with subagents does take quite a bit of time. Making sure they have access to your latest fares, pricing their PNRs just to check price, issuing airline tickets at any time of a day, managing their payments; the list can be endless. Still doing all this the good old way? We could introduce you to a new way where you automate all these tasks and concentrate your time and energy on more proactive things. Increase revenues together with your agents by providing them with a first class service and tools that make their work a lot more efficient without you having to hold their hand all the time.

Our Process

A small guide to how we could start automating your business.
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We wouldn’t want to bore you with fancy product descriptions that wouldn’t really make any great sense to you anyways. So why not getting in touch? We discuss your needs and requirements, set up an online demo and show you all the magic that could change the way you handle your daily work. There is time to be saved and money to be made so why wait, let’s talk instead!

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